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Being in the education sector with a combined experience of over 20 years, we had a clear idea of our classroom methodology as well as our vision for how we'd make our passion a reality. 

When it comes to how we run classrooms, our teaching methodology, etc. An essential part of that is trusting the creative process of our team of highly qualified teachers.

Our curriculum shares a foundation but every classroom, teacher, and student is unique. It makes sense that such a mix requires a guiding hand (the teacher) that adapts as uniquely. No two classrooms should be the same. We genuinely believe this vision cultivates an incredible learning environment where ideas are shared among individuals from all various backgrounds and specialties.

Language learning is not the same as other subjects because it requires total immersion to learn it and a classroom structure is just alien to that. We learned our native tongues without knowing our own grammatical rules, why learn the second language differently?


The same should apply to learning a second language. Take it easy. Hear different opinions and arguments. Speak in the language on various topics and continue to challenge yourself until you master this skill, just as you would any other.

As teachers, we took joy in seeing our students succeed to the best of their abilities and doing that while bringing a smile to their faces and even becoming friends. Now with DC, we hope to bring that education philosophy to all interested. 

We hope you feel the same.

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